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Stepping from a scorching 90°C sauna into a refreshing 10°C cold plunge is a thrill like no other. Seasoned bathhouse lovers crave the rush of the icy water, while newbies might feel a mix of excitement and nerves.



  1. Start with 15 minutes in a sauna or steam room, or dip in the thermal bath for three minutes to warm up.

  2. Mentally prep for a minute or more in the cold plunge.

  3. Fully immerse yourself in the icy water and time your plunge.

Pro tip: Close your eyes and focus on controlling your breathing. Lean against the bath wall with the water level above your shoulders.

Congrats on taking the plunge! You can do it. Ease back into the thermal bath to warm up slowly.

Repeat and gradually extend your time in the cold plunge.





Recovery Enhancement

Immersing in cold water calms muscle inflammation and expedites recovery, aiding in faster healing. The chilled temperature contracts blood vessels and reduces swelling, effectively alleviating soreness and fatigue. Integrating cold plunges into your recovery regimen can hasten your readiness for subsequent training sessions.

Fitness Advantages

Cold plunging facilitates fat burning, as the body expends significant energy to rewarm itself after exposure to cold temperatures.

Skin and Hair Health Enhancement

Cold water application promotes a radiant complexion by minimizing pore size and firming the skin. It also fosters balanced and healthy skin and hair by stimulating hair follicles.

Increase Cold Tolerance

Regular dips in the cold plunge gradually enhance cold weather tolerance, reducing sensitivity to chilly temperatures over time.

Mental Wall-being Improvement

Cold water exposure prompts the release of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, fostering feelings of happiness. Regular cold plunge usage can contribute to stress management efforts.

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