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Sauna bathing, known by different names worldwide, is a whole-body heat therapy that people go for hygiene, health, hanging out, and finding their zen. The oldest saunas go way back, at least 2,000 years - when people dug into the ground and lined it with rocks.

Every culture has its own take on saunas, from Russian banyas to Finnish dry saunas to Mayan temescals. But the main idea is always the same: crank up the heat and stay in there as long as you can handle it.

The steam room is another option for heat therapy. Although not as hot as the sauna, 50°C feels much hotter due to the air’s humidity. The steam room is a particularly good option to help clear the airways and opens your pores.



1. Commit to at least 15 minutes of exposure in the sauna/steam.

2. Bring water into the sauna with you.

3. Focus on your breathing.

4. Sweat it out and don’t forget to hydrate.

5. Congratulations! You survived the heat.

6. Head straight into the cold plunge or continue on your own journey through the bathhouse.




Enhanced Recovery & Stamina

Heat works wonders in soothing tense muscles and reducing inflammation, leading to speedier recovery. Research suggests that regular sauna sessions can extend the endurance of athletes. Plus, frequent sauna-goers tend to enjoy a longer lifespan.

Building Heat Endurance

For those sensitive to heat, regular sauna use offers a gradual way to boost heat tolerance over time.

Boosted Mental Well-being & Concentration

Sweating it out in the sauna triggers the release of endorphins, lifting your mood. Meanwhile, levels of cortisol drop, while those responsible for focus and attention rise.

Purifying Detoxification

Stepping into a sauna revs up your heart rate, prompting increased blood flow. This surge in circulation directs toxins out through sweat, promoting detoxification.

So, why not make Bathhouse visits a habit and embrace the benefits for a lifetime?

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