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Our Story

A group of architects, ceramists and art collectors pictured a moment in time.

Designed by their minds and hands.

What they hope to create is a shared space where they can come together and relax.

A place for a chat.

A place for a dip.

A place for wellness and contemplation.

We mused upon the Capybara, at times shy, yet ultimately a social and harmonious creature. Water-loving and placid, we imbue their spirit in our bathing and wellness sanctuary. 

We envisioned this for you to join us here at Capybara Bathing. For moments to slow down for yourself, and unfurl with others.

Just as capybaras are one of the friendliest animals, we would always love to make new friends.

The importance of collaboration is one of the foundations of why Capybara was started. 

We continue to push our collaboration with local businesses, artisans and patrons whenever we can.

Some of our friends:

Project Snail

Studio Blek





Image Source: Houses, Landscapes and Mental Spaces by Jon Koko

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