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The Architecture of Bathing

Bathing is a fundamental element of everyday life. As part of contemporary culture, we have largely normalised this practice into the privacy of our own homes and spaces. 

Why have we resorted to bathe exclusively in our domestic setting? Why is this the case, when the typologies of the bathhouse, onsen, sento, banya, hammam, temazcal, mikveh, jjimjilbang, and spa, all have existed throughout the other cultures?

Each has their own architecture that have evolved. 

When we designed Capybara Bathing, as our own architects and designers, tried to bring our culture out of stale bathrooms and into a more casual and beautiful space that revive the shared traditions of cleansing and relaxing. 

Not forgetting our domestic familiarity, we conceptualised "rooms" for our separate bathing activities, provoking social encounters but also appreciating moments of retreat. We felt this bathing experience was perfect in the heart of Sydney and embodied the essence of the eclectic surroundings of Surry Hills.


Image: Fragments d’Arquitectura - Marià Castelló · Architecture

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